Luigi De Angelis

Luigi De Angelis

Luigi De Angelis was born in Bruxelles. In 1992 found the company Fanny & Alexander together with Chiara Lagani in Ravenna, Italy. He is director, set designer and musician. His directions and conceptions always start from an interrelation between music, sound space and scenic space, arising from visual arts and contemporary music repertoire. Fanny & Alexander's works has been represented in Italy and abroad in international festivals, among others: Biennale Teatro di Venezia, Santarcangelo dei Teatri, Volterra Teatro, Drodesera, Napoli Teatro Festival, Ravenna Festival, Festival delle Colline Torinesi, KunstenFestivaldesArts (Bruxelles, Belgium), Bitef (Belgrado, Serbia), Eurokaz e Music Zagreb Biennal (Zagabria, Croatia), Mess Festival (Sarajevo, Bosnia), Mostra Sesc Des Artes (San Paulo, Brazil), Norderzone (Groningen, Netherlands), Kampnagel (Hamburg, Germany), Sophiensaele (Berlin, Germany), Flying Circus Project (Singapore), Aylul Festival (Beirut, Lebanon), Festival di Tampere (Finland), Perfect Performance (Stochkolm, Sweden). 

With the italian-argentinian artist Sergio Policicchio he composed between 2011 and 2013 a soundscape symphony about the town of Ravenna, published in the cd collection by Tempo Reale, the Foundation of Luciano Berio in Firenza. 

In may 2015 he directed Die Zauberflöte by W.A.Mozart at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, Italy. 

Photo: Enrico Fedrigoli

Productions with Luigi De Angelis

Production Function
Les Indes Galantes - (TRANSLAB - 2018-2019)Direction | Set- | Lightdesign
Orfeo Viajero - (TRANSLAB - 2017-2018)Direction | Set- | Lightdesign
In bocca al lupo - (TRANSLAB - 2015-2016)Direction | Scenography
3MEЯ - (Season 2016-2017)Set design | Lighting design, Direction, Concept
Aquarius' Dream - (Season 2016-2017)Visual concept I Lighting design, Direction
Myriam - (Current season)Direction
Serge - (Current season)Direction | Set- | Lightdesign, Concept