The Vlaams Radiokoor is a professional chamber chorus established by the then public broadcaster (NIR) in 1937. Nowadays it is a point of reference for vocal music in Flanders and across Europe, and is counted among the best ensembles of its sort in Belgium and abroad.

Bart Van Reyn has headed the Radiokoor as Musical Director since the start of the 2019-20 season. What the ensemble and its conductor have in common is a passion for the contemporary repertoire, the belief that the voice is the ultimate means of expressing our emotions, and the aim of making our vocal heritage accessible to both singers and audiences.

From their base in Studio 1 at Flagey in Brussels, the 32 singers of the Vlaams Radiokoor are working on a musical project founded on three main pillars. First and foremost there are the productions by Vocal Fabric – the Radiokoor’s laboratory. These are concerts that explore the limits of vocal music; confrontational, idiosyncratic and non-conformist. Secondly, the chorus also regularly collaborates with renowned instrumental ensembles from Belgium and abroad, and thereby develops an ever broader presence at a wide range of international concert venues. Lastly, the Vlaams Radiokoor remains an active portal for repertoire, knowledge, experience and voices: it makes our vocal heritage accessible and invests in new vocal works.

The Vlaams Radiokoor is a Flemish Community institution.

Photo: Wouter Van Vaerenbergh