Adriaan de Roover is a musician and composer from Antwerp. Since 2014 he has released work through [PIAS], Dauw, Consouling, Fog Mountain and through his own imprint. Adriaan wrote music for installations, dance and documentary, and performed one-off performances with, among others, Lotte Dodion and Wide Vercnocke.

In October 2019, Adriaan released his debut album Leaves. The album was supported by BBC6 (UK), Groove (DE), Klara, Clash, Ransom Note,… Electronic Sound spoke of "11 flowing tracks of cerebral organic electronics...a musician of real talent", at Ransom Note it sounded like "Layers instrumentation and soundscapes in an abstract and yet enchanting manner".

In 2020, Adriaan released a collection of commissioned works 'Voor Anderen' via the Belgian tape label Dauw and created a soundtrack for fashion designer Nico Verhaegen. In 2021, he released VACUUM, a collaboration with David Poltrock. From that album arose a performance of the same name directed by Aïda Gabriels (oester).

Photo: Michelle Geerardyn



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