Les Âmes Perdues

Les Âmes Perdues

With Naomi Beeldens / Isaak Duerinck / Ewout Lehoucq

Les Âmes Perdues creates a free stage for the soul and moves on the thin line between fiction and reality, between canon and notepad, between knowing and the sheer impossibility of it. In passing, Les Âmes Perdues asks aloud what we are doing for God's sake. Without pretending to have all the answers in tenant, the foursome sings, playing and tells. From schlagers to motets, from Brecht to Beckett, from theater to fumoir, Les Âmes Perdues is nostalgia for a better knowledge, but always keeps a nail in the reality of today. Fueled by the postmodern kitchen spoon, scraping a hole in a saturated market, Les Âmes Perdues has peeled off ugliness and makes fricassee of rusty values in search of the absurd beauty on the bottom of the cooking pot. Les Âmes Perdues is a new music theater collective of and with Naomi Beeldens (soprano), Isaak Duerinck (piano, accordion & vocals), Ewout Lehoucq (cello & vocals).

Also excellent was the contribution of Les Âmes Perdues at Blok-Bloc luchtbal 2018 (with Laika) and Vaarwel Dijkzigt 2019 (with Operdagen Rotterdam)


Productions with Les Âmes Perdues

Production Function
Quartett - (Current season)Play, Vocals
Eurovisionary - (Current season)Music I Vocals
Every Ending - (TRANSLAB - 2019-2020)Music I Vocals
LES ÂMES PERDUES - (TRANSLAB - 2018-2019)Ensemble
Struwwelpeter +5 - (TRANSLAB - 2018-2019)Ensemble
The Visit - (Season 2018-2019)Ensemble