Isaak  Duerinck

Isaak Duerinck

A lecture recital on queer composers, baroque improvisation on Madonna numbers during a fashion show, jazzy cadenzas in classical concerts or just an evening of good old chanson on a houseboat: Isaak Duerinck (1994) is game for them all and is happy to veer off the classical path.

Following enthralling years of preparation learning piano under Lut Strobbe and accordion under Eddy Flecyn at the SAMWD in Sint-Niklaas, Isaak was accompanied in his growth as a musician and performer by the pianist Eliane Rodrigues at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp. In 2016 he experienced several inspiring months of music in Jorge Moyano’s piano class at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and in 2018 and 2019 he made monthly visits to the Schola Cantorum in Paris to explore French piano music under Gabriel Tacchino, the only pupil ever taught by Francis Poulenc; it is no coincidence that the latter is one of Isaak’s favourite composers.

In 2017, Isaak graduated from the KCA with the contemporary cabaret performance Les Âmes Perdues, which he made together with Naomi Beeldens, Alexandra Oppo and Ewout Lehoucq under the supervision of Wouter Van Looy of Muziektheater Transparant. This production resulted in the formation of the LÂP ensemble, which Muziektheater Transparant offered a two-year residence, and this led among other things to the production Het Bezoek in conjunction with deRoovers, and a socio-artistic project in the Luchtbal district of Antwerp in collaboration with Laika. In 2018 LÂP created and performed Struwwelpeter for Zonzo Compagnie, a gruesome fairytale for children. LÂP is currently collaborating with Wouter van Looy on Every Ending, a piece that will premiere at the Wintervuur festival in December 2019.

Isaak also enjoys accompanying songs, a passion he was able to develop in the Lieder class under Lucienne Van Deyck and Jozef De Beenhouwer. His collaboration with the singers Naomi Beeldens, Eloïse Mabille and Ellen Vanherck has taken him to the Netherlands, France and Italy. In 2018, together with the soprano Eloïse Mabille, he played in the children’s production Het Speelgoed van Spalanzani, directed by Benjamin Verhoeven, for Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

For the last few years Isaak has again been performing regularly as an accordionist. It turned out that in music theatre this instrument is perfectly suited to the imitation of trains and birds, but it is also an invitation to a discovery of such genres as chanson, tango and gipsy jazz, often in the ideal company of the cellist and singer Ewout Lehoucq and trumpeter and guitarist Simon Dhaen.

In the 2019-2020 season there are plans for collaboration with Dries Van Noten, Opera Vlaanderen, the Ghent Festival and Musica et Poetica. As from September 2019, Isaak has been coaching Master students on the Creative Project course at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp.

Photo: Pablo Cepeda


Productions with Isaak Duerinck

Production Function
Maison Maeterlinck/Theatre Immobiel - (Current season)Performer
Labyrinth - (TRANSLAB - 2022-2023)Musical coaching
Every Ending - (TRANSLAB - 2019-2020)Music | Vocals
LES ÂMES PERDUES - (TRANSLAB - 2018-2019)Vocals | Accordion | Piano
Struwwelpeter +5 - (TRANSLAB - 2018-2019)Music | Vocals
Quartett - (Season 2021-2022)Play, Vocals
Eurovisionary - (Season 2021-2022)Accordion | Synthesizer | Vocals
Quartett - (Season 2020-2021)Play, Vocals, Cast
Eurovisionary - (Season 2020-2021)Accordion | Synthesizer | Vocals
The Visit - (Season 2018-2019)Music | Vocals
LES ÂMES PERDUES - (TRANSLAB - 2017-2018)Vocals | Accordion | Piano
LES ÂMES PERDUES - (TRANSLAB - 2016-2017)Vocals | Accordion | Piano