Every Ending

Four persons fight a power struggle in which sexuality and language the weapons are. Based on Quartett, a play of the famous author Heiner Müller.

Every Ending takes Heiner Müller’s legendary play Quartett as its starting point. We see four figures in a room that looks like a derelict recording studio. Is it a rock band recording its last album before they split, or is it an artists' collective performing its last act consumed by internal intrigues? Are they acting the script or mainly themselves? In a constant change of roles, they fight a power struggle in which sexuality and language have become weapons. Their battlefield has an unstable foundation of hollowed-out values. Only the vanity flag continues to fly at the top of the mast. Craving for love and unification, they cling to what used to be, but will never be again.
LÂP is a TRANSLAB resident. 

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Muziektheater Transparant, LÂP and Perpodium.

Coproduction: Wintervuur and Perpodium.

With the support of Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government and the Flemish Government.

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Wintervuur (Antwerpen)
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Concept | Direction: Wouter Van LooyScenography: Sascha van RielCostumes: Johanna TrudzinskiSound Design: Jo ThielemansLight Design: Anne Van Es • Music I Vocals: LÂP collectiveNaomi BeeldensEwout LehoucqIsaak DuerinckKatrin Lohmann