Wouter Van Looy

Wouter Van Looy

Wouter Van Looy is an active participant in the international opera and music-theatre world. His creations have premiered at the Ruhrtriënnale, Staatsoper Berlin, Luzerner Theater, Theaterspektakel Zürich, Mexico Musica y Escena in Mexico, Opéra de Lille, Centro Cultural de Bélem in Lisbon, Holland Festival, Bregenzer Festspiele, Teatro Comunale di Bologna and elsewhere. He is a director-in-residence at Muziektheater Transparant and is co-artistic director with Guy Coolen. Van Looy was recently nominated by Opern Welt for his directing of Kopernikus at the Staatsoper Berlin.

Wouter Van Looy also founded Zonzo Compagnie and organises BIG BANG, an adventurous music festival for a young audience that operates in thirteen European cities and, since 2019, also in Ottawa. BIG BANG received the EFFE award for its role as one of Europe’s most innovative festivals. Zonzo Compagnie has staged such award-winning productions as Listen to the silence, Slumberland, Mile(s)tones and BerBerio. Wouter Van Looy has won the YAMA Award (2012, 2015 and 2019), the KLARA prize (2013), the YEAH Award (2013), the Music Theatre NOW Award (2015) and the EFFE award (2015).

Photo: Mirjam Devriendt

Productions with Wouter Van Looy

Production Function
Judith's gaze - (Current season)Concept | Direction
The mass man - (Current season)Concept | Direction
Aus den visionen - (TRANSLAB - 2022-2023)Director | Coach
Virginia - (TRANSLAB - 2021-2022)Coaching | Final direction
L' Acte de respirer - (TRANSLAB - 2021-2022)Coaching | Final direction
Virginia - (TRANSLAB - 2020-2021)Coaching | Final direction
Every Ending - (TRANSLAB - 2019-2020)Concept | Direction
Bloot - (TRANSLAB - 2018-2019)Director | Coach
LES ÂMES PERDUES - (TRANSLAB - 2018-2019)Direction
Les Indes Galantes - (TRANSLAB - 2018-2019)Artistic coordinator
Moira - (TRANSLAB - 2018-2019)Coach
Quartett - (Season 2021-2022)Text Adaptation, Direction
Revelations - (Season 2020-2021)Direction
Quartett - (Season 2020-2021)Text Adaptation, Direction
The mass man - (Season 2020-2021)Concept | Direction
The Towers of Beirut (10+) - (Season 2019-2020)Director | Scenography
The Towers of Beirut (10+) - (Season 2018-2019)Director | Scenography
Earth Diver - (Season 2018-2019)Scenography, Concept | Direction
Revelations - (Season 2018-2019)Direction | Scenography
Earth Diver - (Season 2017-2018)Scenography, Concept | Direction
Flow My Tears - (Season 2017-2018)Concept | Direction
La voix humaine - (Season 2017-2018)Direction | Scenography, Concept
Revelations - (Season 2017-2018)Direction | Scenography
Die Zauberflöte - (Season 2016-2017)Direction, Set Design
La voix humaine - (Season 2016-2017)Direction | Scenography
Revelations - (Season 2016-2017)Direction
Listen to the Silence - (Season 2015-2016)Direction, Set Design
LES ÂMES PERDUES - (TRANSLAB - 2017-2018)Direction
Windischgraetz - (TRANSLAB - 2016-2017)Direction
LES ÂMES PERDUES - (TRANSLAB - 2016-2017)Coach
La voix humaine - (TRANSLAB - 2015-2016)Direction | Scenography
Abendrot - (TRANSLAB - 2015-2016)Direction
Listen to the Silence - (Season 2014-2015)Direction, Set Design
The Queen without a country - (Season 2014-2015)Concept | Direction
There is no why here - (Season 2014-2015)Direction
Opera Buffa - (Season 2014-2015)Advice
Songs of war - (Season 2013-2014)Concept | Direction
Blond Eckbert - (Season 2011-2012)Direction
Pelleas et Melisande - (Season 2011-2012)Video, Concept | Direction
Porcelain - (Season 2009-2010)Direction, Set Design
Void - (Season 2008-2009)Direction
The Fairy Queen - (Season 2008-2009)Direction
Villa Vivaldi - (Season 2007-2008)Direction
Bluebeard's Castle - (Season 2005-2006)Direction
Arthur / De Queeste - (Season 2004-2005)Direction
Drift - (Season 2003-2004)Direction
Canti d'Amor - (Season 2013-2014)Scenography | Video , Concept | Direction
Dido and Aeneas - (Season 2012-2013)Direction
Canti d' Amor II - (Season 2014-2015)Direction
Solitude - (Season 2008-2009)Concept | Direction
L'orfeo - (Season 2010-2011)Concept | Direction, Scenography
Listen to the Silence - (Season 2016-2017)Direction | Scenography
A girl A boy A river - (Season 2006-2007)Concept | Direction
Dido - (Season 2004-2005)Direction