There is no why here

A project by Italian composer Andrea Molino

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-there is no why here- is a project by Italian composer Andrea Molino, with David Moss and Anna Linardou as lead singers and direction by Wouter van Looy.

The difference between 'good' and 'evil' is not only clear to religious leaders. Even George Bush was convinced that his war on terror was 'a war of good against evil'.  If we dig deeper, however, it seems impossible to define either category in an objective and generally accepted way. Following up on Hannah Arend, There is no why here outlines 'the fundamental problem of the nature and function of the human judgment,' which implies the problem of responsibility. This performance does not pretend to present a clear solution or even straightforward statements. Rather, it is a collection of different, sometimes contradicting contributions. Images recorded by cameras on stage or by external webcams are an organic counterpoint. The musicians play the video - which is part of the music - as if it were an instrument.

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A Production of Muziektheater Transparant and Teatro Comunale di Bologna in coproduction with deSingel. In collaboration with "The Institute for Living Voice” . In collaboration with GRAME, centre national de création musicale, Lyon.

Location Dates Hour  
Teatro Comunale Bologna (Bologna)
+39 051 529902
Vocalists: Annelinde BruijsAline GoffinSander De WinneSet Design: Ief SpincemailleVideo: Kurt d'HaeseleerMusical performance: Orchestra Teatro Comunale di Bologna • BL!NDMAN [sax] & [drums] Soloists: David Moss Anna LinardouCostumes: Johanna TrudzinskiLibretto: Giorgio van StratenDirection: Wouter Van LooyComposition: Andrea MolinoConductor: Andrea MolinoLighting design: Daniele Naldi