There is no why here

A project by Italian composer Andrea Molino

-there is no why here- is a project by Italian composer Andrea Molino, with David Moss and Anna Linardou as lead singers and direction by Wouter van Looy.

The difference between 'good' and 'evil' is not only clear to religious leaders. Even George Bush was convinced that his war on terror was 'a war of good against evil'.  If we dig deeper, however, it seems impossible to define either category in an objective and generally accepted way. Following up on Hannah Arend, There is no why here outlines 'the fundamental problem of the nature and function of the human judgment,' which implies the problem of responsibility. This performance does not pretend to present a clear solution or even straightforward statements. Rather, it is a collection of different, sometimes contradicting contributions. Images recorded by cameras on stage or by external webcams are an organic counterpoint. The musicians play the video - which is part of the music - as if it were an instrument.

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A production of Muziektheater Transparant and Teatro Comunale di Bologna in coproduction with deSingel, Brussels Philharmonic and Operadagen Rotterdam. In cooperation with the Institute for Living Voice and GRAME, Centre National de Création Musicale, Lyon. With the support of Laon Lawyers.

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Composition and concept  Andrea Molino I Libretto Giorgio van Straten I Conductor Andrea Molino I Director Wouter Van Looy I Light design Anne Van Es I Set design Ief Spincemaille I Video Kurt d'Haeseleer I Costumes Johanna Trudzinski I Musical performance Brussels Philharmonic, BL!NDMAN [sax] Roeland Vanhoorne, Koen Maes en BL!NDMAN [drums] Tom De Cock, Christiaan Saris, Stijn Schoofs

Brussels Philharmonic Concertmaster Otto Derolez I Singers David Moss, Anna Linardou, Aline Goffin, Annelinde Bruijs, Sander De Wine I Rehearsal directors Noémie Biro, Lies Colman I Dressers Viviane Coubergs, Nadine Scheuer I Sound engineer Holger Stenschke I Video technique Ralf Strecker I Technical coordination Pat Caers I Subtitles Lotte Uytterhoeven I Production Anneke Geerts, Annik Laruelle

Figuration Leila Boukhélif, Medeya Cheraghan, Lamine Diouf, Dominica Eykmans, Natalia Golubeva, Sam Hannes, Isabel Hoornaert, Tess Jacobs, Danny Moens, Mieke Rosier, Roman Santos Figueroa Roberto, Irina Seleznjova-Raudsepp, Lore Uyttendale, Elsa van Dijk

Wrestlers Jonas Van Caeneghem, Nils Onzia

Video choir Joke Adema, Chiara Amplo Rella, Rossella Antonacci, Moss Beynon Juckes, Victoria Bourne, Ritamaria Brandao, Dario Buccino, Gianrocco Caragiulo, Carlos Correia, Yuko Hiyama, Anu Junnonen, Toomas Kaldaru, Ligia Liberatori, Anna Linardou, Andrea de Luca, Stefano Luigi Mangia, Ludovica Manzo, Elisa Massari, Dahlia Mees, Luigi Mosso, Kenji Osumi, Micaela Piccinini, Helen Pridmore, Raphael Sacks, François Xavier Sergent, Anna Stern, Eleonora Tikas, Iffy Tilleu, Chris Tonelli, Giuliano "Tomaj" Tremea, Francesca Valente, Christina Voltl, Simon Wehrli, Ken Yamamoto