TRANSLAB / MUZIEKTHEATER TRANSPARANT and DE SINGEL are looking for young talent!


WHO? Young singers, dancers, instrumentalists and performers between 15 and 25 years old 

With the TRANSLAB project RE(SET), Muziektheater Transparant and DE SINGEL once again open the doors for young talent. For two weeks, you’ll fully immerse yourself in the world of musical theatre. A team of artists will work with a group of young singers, instrumentalists, dancers and performers, aged 15-25. Your genre or style is not important; all you need is the will to create a musical theatre performance together. The artistic team draws the outlines, but there is always room for your voice, your song, your moves and your creativity. Your idea counts!


RE(SET) will be a performance about transition, change, metamorphosis, ending and starting again. Setting and resetting. RE(SET) is also about vulnerability and being touched: about searching for safety, the fear of letting go and allowing the metamorphosis to happen; about blending into the group and retreating behind your own facade, your own identity. We draw inspiration from ancient sources like Ovid's Metamorphoses, but also from the present day: a time of change, vulnerability and uncertainty, but also of dreams and possibilities.


•    Benjamin Vandewalle 
•    Fatou Traoré is an eclectic and mixed artist, an insatiable explorer of movement and sound, performer, choreographer, singer and musician… Live music is at the heart of her work.  The search for the unknown, the potential represented by human differences and gender diversity, feed the chaos necessary for its creative fruitfulness.   
•    Berlinde Deman is involved as a musician in groups such as FeS and Graindelavoix. She plays tuba but has lost her heart to the serpent, for which she makes her own compositions and participates in numerous creative collaborations.
•    Stef Heeren is musician and producer and has experience on concert stages as well as in theater and dance studios. He is also a noise maker and knob-twiddler with a big love for eclectic music with an outsider touch. 
•    Els Mondelaers is one of the most requested singers in contemporary musical theatre. She combines her expertise in new music with a love of theatre and performance.
•    J BOY is a multidisciplinary artist using performance and textile work as a way to embrace and fight. In (RE)SET she take care of the styling.   

Auditions: March 16 & 17 2024 
Rehearsals: August 12-23 2024  
Performances: August 24 & 25 2024 (DE SINGEL)

Can’t wait? Apply here!  Deadline: March 8

•    An intense creative process where there is room for your input and ideas  
•    A stimulating and luxurious creative context in the halls and buildings of DE SINGEL.  
•    The support of a strong and professional technical and production team from DE SINGEL and Muziektheater Transparant 
•    Working under the guidance of inspiring professional artists
•    The opportunity to explore and push your boundaries in a stimulating but also safe context
•    Performing shows in one of the best theatres in the country
•    Making friends and contacts that will change your world


After your registration, we will send you an assignment for the audition on 16 or 17 March.

Participation fee summer project: 200 euros

For any questions, please mail to

(RE) SET is a TRANSLAB project, the talent development programme of Muziektheater Transparant and is part of DE SINGEL's Summer School