Aline Goffin (1989) is a Flemish theatre actress, singer and voice actress. 

Aline Goffin was vocally trained by Anu Junnonen, Claron McFadden and David Moss, she studied Kleinkunst (cabaret) at the Herman Teirlinck Institute and Complete Vocal Technique at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. In addition to this she has a bachelor degree in Dutch, Theater, film- and literature studies and a master degree in Theatre & Film studies.

As a voice actress she interpreted many leading roles in dubbed animation movies, such as Frozen, Despicable Me & Alice in Wonderland).

Furthermore Goffin is mostly active in music theatre. Ze works with the companies Zonzo Compagnie (Staring Girl, Slumberland, Songs with Roots,...) and Muziektheater Transparant, for which she did among others The Girl, The boy and the river and There Is No Why Here, a coproduction with the Opera of Bologna (Italy). Recently she started her own music theatre company Kopseer with whom she's touring through Flanders with the performance Als alles kan, kan niets kapot.

As singer-songwriter of the band ALONG A LINE she released a first album Shh. in october 2016 with Lc Music.

Also as a backing vocal Goffin has worked for among others An Pierlé and Wigbert Van Lierde. 

Photo: Olympe Tits



Actor | Vocalist

Actress | Vocalist