A girl A boy A river

A play for 7+

Paul Verrepts wonderful tale about love and the elusiveness of life is the basis of this play directed by Wouter van Looy. With music by Jan Van Outryve.  

Once upon a time, a fish lived in a river. One day, he was caught, and found his way into the stomachs of a man, his wife and his son. That night, something strange happened between the man and the woman, and the son fell into a deep sleep. Many years later, a girl came across the son, and curled up next to him. When they awoke, they had no need of words – they simply went to the river, set off in a little boat and let the currents carry them wherever they would.

Het meisje de jongen de rivier is a tale for audiences young and old about love and the way life slips through your fingers. Originally from the award-winning picture book of the same name by Paul Verrept, the story now becomes the starting point for a theatrical adventure, co-produced with TPO, an Italian company that has made a name for itself all over the world with its astonishing videowork for young audiences. The production includes original music by Jan Van Outryve and an electronic soundscape by Michel Vanderhaeghen.

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A production by Muziektheater Transparant and Teatro di Piazza o d'Occasione, Prato.

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Choreography: Nicoletta Branchini • Costumes: Machteld van de Perre • Video: TPO • Sound Design: Michel Vanderhaegen • Actress | Vocalist: Aline Goffin • Charlotte Schoeters • Voice-Off: An De DonderComposition: Jan Van OutryveMusical performance: Pieter Thijs • Jan Van OutryveConcept | Direction: Wouter Van LooyText | Image: Paul Verrept