Soprano Esther-Elisabeth Rispens is a versatile singer, always curious about new ways to take the stage. Her wide range of interests extends from contemporary music and experimental music theater to classical song recitals. She is passionate about constantly reinventing herself and pushing her own boundaries, adapted to each project she undertakes.

After completing her classical vocal training, Esther-Elisabeth Rispens performed on stages in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, and Hungary. She has a strong affinity for the Venice Biennale, where she made her debut in 2019 as the leading role in A pirate who does not know the value of Pi, a world premiere by composer Lucia Ronchetti. In 2022, she was a member of the Biennale College for young, promising artists. Her performances have been enthusiastically received by both audiences and critics due to her exceptional virtuosity, extensive vocal range, and expressive stage presence.

During the same period, she portrayed the role of the soprano in the opera production Into the little hill by George Benjamin at the Müpa Concert Hall in Budapest, conducted by Gregory Vajda, and directed by Csaba Horváth.

Her love for the theatricality of contemporary music is reflected in the duo Goggles, which she co-founded with percussionist Wim Pelgrims in 2020. In 2022, Goggles was awarded the first prize at the Supernova competition organized by Klarafestival, Flemish radio. The duo performed that season at venues such as Bozar, Flagey, Concertgebouw Bruges, and the Kunstenfestival Watou in Ypres. During the Bijloke Summer Academy (Ghent, 2020), the duo collaborated with Belgian composer Thomas Smetryns to create the performance A Room. This music was recorded at De Bijloke with a CD release. In November 2024, Goggles will premiere a new youth production at De Bijloke, in collaboration with Muziektheater Transparant, directed by Aïda Gabriëls, featuring music by Jonathan Bonny.

Esther-Elisabeth Rispens is the lead singer of the Nemø ensemble: a young collective that gives a contemporary and experimental twist to music in a new and modern way. The Nemø ensemble has been a guest at venues such as De Singel (Antwerp) - alongside the HERMES Ensemble -, De Bijloke (Ghent), and at the International Summercourse Darmstadt, alongside the Nadar Ensemble.

Since 2023, Esther-Elisabeth Rispens has also been part of HYOID voices, a vocal ensemble dedicated to contemporary music. She participates in the immersive production A-Ronne by Luciano Berio (June 2023 -...), directed by Joris Lacoste and Claire Croizé, as well as in the production RELICS in collaboration with the Spectra ensemble (October 2023). Both under the musical direction of Filip Rathé.

Photo: Thomas Ost & Laura Van Snick