Jana Roos (1994) is a young, Ghent-based Artist: Concept & Costume designer. She follows her passion and has already been working in the artistic and cultural world for several years. Her intention as an artist is to allow the viewer to briefly escape from reality and to transport them into a new ‘world that appeals to the imagination’. A world without borders in which your imagination is inspired to go to the extreme. Jana Roos illustrates and creates her own expressive fashion collections which she has taken to Africa, among other places. Narrative theatre plays an important role in her métier. She has designed costumes and scenography for various companies and musicians: 4HOOG, TG Vagevuur, Aardvork, House of Mysteries, Brandung, Victoria Deluxe, COL COL, Katrien Verfaille, Grof Geschud,... Feel free to take a look at www.janaroos.com 

Photo: Thomas Dhanens



Scenography | Costume design