Nel Maertens (live visual arts) is a Belgian artist based in Antwerp. She obtained her master’s diploma in fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2019 and is part of the artist’s collective FAAR. She is represented by Tatjana Pieters Gallery. Maertens has a strong connection with classical genres in art history and identifies in particular with the "Rubenesque woman", an archetype of female form and energy. She loves recreating the dynamism of Rubens’ works, whilst adding her own unique voice and perspective. Maertens' art is a fusion of colour, material, text and female energy. She often works en plein air, but her representation of landscapes serves more as a channel for storytelling than as a straightforward portrayal. Her work, which often comprises oil paint and pastel on paper or cardboard, is known for the speed, directness and clear marks that emphasise the "gesture" or the artistic movement. (website

Photo: Britt Guns



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