Timo Tembuyser

Timo Tembuyser (1991, Aalst, Belgium) is a performer, singer and composer. He graduated from the Performance course at the Toneelacademie in Maastricht (Institute of Performing Arts) in June 2019 and trained as a singer in the Music Theatre department at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts University of the Arts). He studied in Belgium before going to the Netherlands. In 2014 he completed the Master’s course in Architecture and Urban Design at Ghent University, where he researched the interaction between theatricality and spatiality, both in the public space of the city and in theatre performances. The desire to put this theoretical research into practice took him to the Netherlands: he currently lives in Rotterdam, where he works and carries out research in a landscape that can perhaps best be described as “music-theatre architecture’.

As a singer and theatre-maker, he attempts to bring together the seemingly irreconcilable worlds of vocal technique and the liberation of the voice. He works with singers and non-singers who join forces in the search for a common sound. Timo sees choral music, ‘singing together’, as the most accurate metaphor for human contact: different melodies, joining together in one way or another, whether in harmony or cacophony. Each of his own works is a different theatrical and spatial setting for new (vocal) compositions. As a theatre-maker, Timo collaborates with Festival Cement and Muziektheater Transparant’s TransLAB.

Together with the director Naomi Steijger he started the theatrical podcast series Concrete Voices; a life’s work in which they transform the occupants of nine blocks of flats in nine major cities of the world into a virtual choir on a grand scale. These people together sing a new, metropolitan Requiem. Timo and Naomi created their pilot instalment – 88 woningraten – in The Hague. It won them the first prize in the NTR Podcast awards in 2018. They are currently working on the third part – Stemmen uit Beton – in the Groeneveen flats in south-east Amsterdam in conjunction with Frascati Productions and Woningcorporatie Rochdale (for more info visit www.ConcreteVoices.com).

Since 2019, Timo and the performer and singer Hélène Vrijdag have formed a duo under the wings of the Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam. They are two voices in two bodies looking for the most genuine dialogue. Through singing, they attempt again and again to embody the frameworks and myths in which their voices and bodies seem to be captive.

Timo also likes to move from one form to another as a performer in the fluid world of music theatre: from choral concert to performance in movement, from musical to sound installation. In recent seasons he has performed in, among other things, Meiskes & Jongens (Deep Bridge, 2018), Parapluies de Cherbourg (OT Rotterdam, 2019) and 8: METAMORPHOSIS (Nicole Beutler Projects, 2019) and is a member of the Swara Vocal Ensemble in Brussels.

Productions with Timo Tembuyser

Production Function
The Wild Stage - (Current season)Creation | Performance
The mass man - (Current season)Vocals | Voice
Missa Mater Sola - (TRANSLAB - 2022-2023)Scenography, A body of sons (singers), Choreography, Concept | Direction
La Loba - (TRANSLAB - 2021-2022)Cast, Composition
Missa Homo Sacer - (TRANSLAB - 2021-2022)Concept | Composition | Text | Vocals | Play
Missa Mater Sola - (TRANSLAB - 2021-2022)Scenography, A body of sons (singers), Choreography, Concept | Direction
Missa Homo Sacer - (TRANSLAB - 2020-2021)Concept | Composition | Text | Vocals | Play
The mass man - (Season 2020-2021)Voice