Villa Vivaldi

Vivaldi's opera as a starting point for a vivid production

With the musical themes from Vivaldi's opera as a starting point, Jan Van Outryve rewrote the music, Michel Vanderhaegen added a soundscape. 

In 2003 a group of young singers and instrumentalists created Drift, directed by Wouter Van Looy and Jan Van Outryve. This opera with music by Claudio Monteverdi was based on the libretto of the lost opera Arianna. Muziektheater Transparant has been working with young musicians for years. Drift became a climax in that structural investment, with a tour around venues in Belgium and Holland and a selection for the Flemish-Dutch Theatre Festival.

Five years later, the same group of artists reunites for a new project on the music of Antonio Vivaldi. The audience is watching the garden of a building where some kind of party is going on. Inside, the guests live up to the rules of correct social behaviour and conventions. In the park however, we see the other side of human communication and interaction. People meet, play, make confessions, fall in love… Hidden feelings are uttered, suppressed grief is shown only in the open air.

For Villa Vivaldi, personal ideas and desires are contrasted to the restrictions of real life. While the party goes on, the audience gets more and more involved in the inner world of the characters that withdraw from the festivities to give voice to their sentiments.

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A production by Muziektheater Transparant in coproduction with de Vlaamse Opera.

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Music: Antonio Vivaldi • Text: Ludovicio Ariosto • Costumes: Mijeong Jeong • Sound Design: Michel Vanderhaegen • Set | Light: Sascha van Riel • Composition: Jan Van OutryveMusical direction | Arrangements: Jan Van OutryveDirection: Wouter Van Looy