Arthur / De Queeste

Jan Van Outryve. Target group 8+

Eightteen children and teenagers grasp the well-known story of King Arthur. About bulky knights who fight for a better world, but aren't quite sure yet what that should look like.

Composer Jan Van Outryve, directors Jo Roets and Wouter Van Looy and choreographer Jo-An Lauwaert join eightteen children in getting to grasp the story of King Arthur. It's a tale of brave knights who fight for a better world, but aren’t quite sure what that should look like. It's about whether to be a hero or whether to live well. It's about a man who rules by day but cannot sleep for worry and doubt during the night.

The production deals not only with the historical Arthur but also with questions about kingdom and leadership. The quest for the Holy Grail lies at the centre of the myth, but what is this grail? Why is it difficult to find? It might be simply a metaphor for a better world, with less violence and fewer wars, which everyone surely dreams about.

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A coproduction of De Queeste, Laika and Muziektheater Transparant. 

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Composition | Musical direction: Jan Van OutryveSet Design: Sascha van Riel • Choreography: Jo-An Lauwaert • Direction: Jo Roets • Wouter Van LooyPlay: Adriana Parra