Lamento d'Arianna, the only remainder of Monteverdi's interpretation of Ariadne's story, together with other baroque works, is used as the starting point for developing Drift. 

Ariadne is a royal princess, who betrays her family and country to rescue her lover from the labyrinth. In return, Theseus promises her the earth, but ultimately deserts her on the barren island of Naxos. Even the gods are moved by her tears, and Venus sends the god Bacchus to soften her pain. 
Like many others, Claudio Monteverdi was inspired by Ariadne's story, although only the famous Lamento d'Arianna has survived from his original opera. The lament, together with other works from the baroque period, is here used as a starting point for developing Drift

Transparant's internationally acclaimed De Storm (The Tempest) and zone Orfeo proved to be vehicles for a growing kernel of young singers and instrumentalists who are slowly but surely finding their ways onto the main stages of Europe. Drift is no different. Once again, this powerhouse of creative young talent presents an exciting and original piece of baroque musical theatre. 


  • Musical direction • Jan Van Outryve
  • Choreography • Nicoletta Branchini
  • Vocal coach • Ayala Sicron
  • Costumes • Machteld van de Perre
  • Soloists • Inge Clerix / Elise Caluwaerts / Bruno De Canne / Jonathan De Ceuster / Iris Luypaers / Liselotte Mostinckx / Ana-Maria / Oxtoa Pando / Dick Vandaele / Els Van Daele / Jean-Michel Van Oosten / Sinan Vural
  • Set | Light • Gerd Van Looy
  • String players coach • Marcin Lasia
  • Direction • Wouter Van Looy