Paul Boereboom is a scenographer based in Amsterdam. He studied scenography at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam. After having been on stage as a performer Paul decided to question space no longer with his own body but as a designer. His work comprises spatial design, installations and costumes, but also video design and work in Virtual Reality. 

“I have a profound love for tactility and a fascination for designing space with the human body as a starting point. Human behaviour, identity and nature are fascinations that continue to bring up questions I try to explore. I use my work as means to try and grasp these topics and question them. More recently I have been trying to bridge the gap between my physical design-world and my digital design-world. What does it mean to make digital contact? What does my digital body feel and where does it cross my physical body. How can I preserve tactile qualities, the manual kneading. Where can I find room for stains in modern technology?

Modern techniques offers me freedom in my process and the ability to create theatrical experiences that reflect our time. How can I implement these technologies to facilitate space for my work? What role do I assign my audience and how can I let them be a part of the work? As a maker I aim to be independent yet dependent. A matter of balance.