After her master in biomedical research, Eurudike De Beul (b.1964 (BE)) obtained the first price opera and a higher diploma with felicitations of the jury in Mons and Liège. Her teachers were José van Dam, Ute Trekel Burckhardt, Marianne Pousseur and Serge Wilfar.

As a  soprano she sang several years oratorio and baroque repertoire. During this time she combined singing with wildlifeillustrating for magazines and working with disabled people. Due to more important stage work and body research her voice grew into a colour which fits Mahler repertoire and heavier mezzo roles. She first was selected for the choir of the Bayreuther Festspiele. Later she sang roles like for instance Verdi (Azuscena, mrs Quickly, Giovanna, Maddalena), Clytaemnestra, Dido, the Sorceress and the Messaghiera. Recently she sings old music, oratorio and romantic liedrecitals .

Since 1995 she has been touring internationally with contemporary music and dance theatre companies like les ballets C de la B, Theatre Cryptic, Theatercompagnie Amsterdam, Muziektheater Transparant, Victoria, Lod, Theater Zwarte Sneeuw, Blauw, Graindelavoix , Kris Verdonck, Benjamin Meirhaeghe (Flemisch Opera), Walpurgis, Zefiro Torna . She was guest in international festivals like festival van Vlaanderen, le festival du Limousin, festival du Wallonië, Berliner Festspiele, Thüringer Bachwochen.

She is a founding member of Peeping Tom (2000) and participated as performer, artistic collaborator in almost every creation and  creating soundscapes: A louer, Vader, Triptych, The land, Jean-Marc (creatie Hunmok Jung).

She is artist in residence in Walpurgis and the city of Sint-Niklaas, where she creates her own multimedia work, experimental voice work and compositions in cooperation with her own company KoudVuur.

Liederen van de Dood (Songs of death), 2003 / Penelope (multimediaproject with support of the Flemish comunity), 2007, 3 singers and dance / Witter als krijt was haar habijt, 2009 (Walpurgis) / Moederschreeuw (Motherscream) 2010 (Walpurgis) met Glenn Vervliet and sisters  De Beul / Till we meet again (mother) (with support of Talbothouse, Walpurgis and in Flandersfields museum), 2010-2014, multimediaproject on several big locations in flanders, 4 singers, flamenco and 200 youngsters and parents in the soundscape / La princesse de Clèves (museumproject) 2016 / solo A diva on tour (Melbourne) 2015 / solo La femme qui hurle à Versailles (Woman screaming in Versailles), 2017 WARP (museum)  / solo Europa is van mij! (Europe is mine), 2018 WARP (museum) / Not over yet, regie en soundscape for Stoff (victims of asbestos) 2019 singers, actress, families of victims.

Discografy as soloist : Christmas in the world, Faith in freedom (puzzle), Hark ! (muziek Lod), Close my willing eyes (Walpurgis , Bart Van Hecke, nominated for the Klara music price), Graindelavoix several discs

Film: Ossuaires / Björn Schmelzer, Desire-lines / Ergin Cavusoglu, Levende Zielen / Johan De Handschutter, Mijn vader is een saucisse / Annouk Fortunier.

Eurudike gives workshops dynamic body and voice training to singers and performers in Europe and abroad. She is a voice teacher in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe and at RITCS school of arts and  gives voice training in film and theatre productions.  She is especially interested in the relation between the breath and the functioning of the brain. She is also intrigued by working with disabled/ sick people and involving communities around a theme.




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