Lara Chedraoui was born in 1985 and lived in Togo until she was eight years old. Now she lives and works in Aalst. She is the enigmatic frontwoman of Intergalactic Lovers and also active as a radio producer and DJ. With her Intergalactic Lovers, she has so far made four albums and scored numerous hit singles. In 2022, she made her first appearance as an actress in the prestigious fiction series Lost Luggage, where she immediately took the lead role. The series is set around the aftermath of the March 22 attacks and has since been distributed internationally. The acting clearly left Lara wanting more, as she has since also appeared in the short films Wait and Gun and in the second season of The Twelve. Currently, she can also be seen in the talk show Amai Zeg Wauw! with Otto-Jan Ham, and soon in the German series Im Zeichen des Wassermanns.