Set designer Giovani Vanhoenacker (GIO) began his career in 2000 as a set builder for Theater Antigone (Kortrijk), where his talent did not go unnoticed. As a scenographer there, he gradually developed his own style with set designs for the performances Woestzoeker, Corta Rica, Tribunaal and Hola Que Tal, among others. He has been invited by theatre houses including KOPERGIETERY (Mémé - de Peetmoeder - De radioloog), Lazarus (De idioot), LOD Muziektheater (Moby Dick), Tutti Fratelli (Bloemen voor een autist) and NTGent. For KOPERGIETERY in 2018, together with Bolwerk Park Katrol, he designed and constructed a bona fide DIY park for families. In 2019 he started work at the Grand Théâtre de Genève for the opera Le Soldat de plomb. As well as a scenographer, GIO is also active as an interior designer and he creates artworks in his studio in Marke. For Waterfront (GoneWest), the cultural commemoration of WWI in 2018, he created the gigantic sculpture Karkas.