COLLECTIF FAIRE-PART is an ensemble of Belgian & Congolese artists. Together they aim at telling new stories about Kinshasa, about Brussels, and the many complex relations in between.
The group was founded by filmmakers Anne Reijniers, Paul Shemisi, Nizar Saleh en Rob Jacobs when they first started working together in 2016. Together they made the films SPEECH FOR A MELTING STATUE (10’, 2023), L'ESCALE (14', 2022), FAIRE-PART (60', 2019) & IN VELE HANDEN (45', 2020).

Over recent years the collective of four has shape-shifted into a larger group of regular collaborators between in Belgium and DR Congo, in which team composition changes with each project. Next to filmmaking they take pictures, curate programs, give workshops and organize a biennial performance festival called SOKL.
Stephanie Collingwoode Williams, who co-curated and co-organized the 2 last editions of SOKL, joined the group in 2021 and has been stearing the festival and the collective in beautiful new directions ever since.