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A multidisciplinary sensory operatrip  inspired by Whitley Strieber's horror classic The Hunger.

MYRIAM is an interdisciplinary opera (music, film, graphic arts). The story is told as a songbook, and is inspired by Whitley Strieber's horror classic The Hunger. MYRIAM is a being that lives eternally, but constantly has to say goodbye to the ones he loves. It is an eternal, lonely search for love, a multi-sensory opera trip where the audience wears wireless headphones during the performance. NYX conducted a practical study about composing for and performing with wireless headphones, including sound spacing, binaural technique and 3D audio

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Stichting MONO.
Coproduction and coaching: November Music Festival, Muziektheater Transparant, Podium Bloos Breda and Operadagen Rotterdam.

Location Dates Hour
November Music Nederland ('s-Hertogenbosch)
+31 73 612 20 00
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deSingel Antwerpen (Antwerpen)
+32 3 248 28 28
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Operadagen Rotterdam (Rotterdam)
+31 10 436 60 70
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Concept I Music I Realisation: NYX (Donck&Mondelaers) • Direction: Luigi De AngelisVocals I Electronics I Loopstation I Flügelhorn: Els MondelaersVocals I Electronics I Bass Guitar I Electric Guitar I Theremin: Dyane Donck • Vocals I Performance (on film): Claron McFaddenSound Engineering: Sandor Caron • Sculpture: Iris Bouwmeester