Tomas Pevenage (1990) is a physical actor with a passion for cabaret, transvestism and burlesque who seeks out the loopholes in society and finds poetic stories there which he translates into visual scenes. On screen, he played the devil in In the Palace (Nelson Polfliet) and Mijn vader is een saucisse (Anouk Fortunier). Since graduating, he has established connections with various companies. He appeared with Studio Orka (Inuk), Bronks (Cover up), BXL Wild (Backstage), Theater Antigone (Cerebripaptor), Monty (No use for binoculars), Cie Iceberg (Frisko en creme glacee), Kak Brussels, and Silence Radio (Kukunor), among others. In addition, he has worked on a variety of inclusive performances; and was on stage with Dahlia in the performance Move, directed by Caroline Rottier, among others.



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