Zaza  Dupont

Zaza Dupont

Zaza Dupont, lives and works in Antwerp. In 2021 she graduated from KASKA DKO as a scenographer, having created her graduation piece 100°C with Lies Van Loock. As Associate Designer for Bart Van Merode, she helped design the scenography and lighting design for A Revue and Madrigalen by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe. During her internship at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, she assisted Julien Gosselin and Jan Versweyveld (Vallende man, Death in Venice respectively). As a result, she was invited to act as Assistant Scenographer at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (De Thuiskomst, De Uren). In that same season, she designed ITA JR. – M!NDF#CK.  This was followed by a design for Limits of the Self by Mateusz Staniak together with lighting designer Van Loock. Last season she trained as an actor with De Nieuwe Spelers. She also created the lighting design for Tutti Fratelli’s Is dat alles? and is touring with A Revue.   

Productions with Zaza Dupont

Production Function
Madrigals - (Current season)Scenography | Lighting design
Sola Soletta - (Current season)Light design
Sola Soletta - (Season 2021-2022)Light design
Madrigals - (Season 2021-2022)Scenography | Lighting design