Sibren Hanssens (1974) is a set and lighting designer and photographer, with a chef’s diploma and proficiency in sign language to boot. From 1998 to 2007 he worked as a stage manager at hetpaleis, and since 2016 he has been a technical production manager for Guy Cassiers at Toneelhuis, with work taking him as far as the Scala in Milan. He has also taken on technical and production roles at BAFF, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and Wintervuur. As a freelance lighting designer, since 1992 he has collaborated in the performing arts and music spheres with Eisbär*, Theater STAP, DAAU, Stichting Soap, Lodewijk/Louis, Needcompany, Le Concert Olympique, Ensor strijkkwartet, Koudvuur, Jean Blaute & Erik Melaerts, among others. He has also designed sets for Echo vzw, King Dalton, Kinepolis Brussels, Caroline Rottier, and Tomorrowland, and provided technical support and stage management for Reizen Jihad, Monty, Dimitri Leue & Warre Borgmans, Peeping Tom, hetpaleis, Klein Verzet, and others. He was also responsible for exhibition presentation at the Vredescentrum and Het Vlasmuseum, and worked on the film Iron Sky 2. Creative construction, making light, technical and production support: it is of these that Sibren’s long artistic life has been comprised. He collaborated with Dahlia Pessemiers Benamar on her solo MozaIK.



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