Stef Depover started his career in 1980 at Akt / Vertikaal. Since then he has worked as a scenographer, dramaturge and / or lighting designer. What inspires him in theater is the narrative power of the medium, the conversations and the choices to convey stories and thoughts. The where and why of the place where players and audience are located. Which text, space, sound or image can be used to clarify the choices made by directors, makers or performers. How the sum of the differences make the whole bigger.

He works together, with and for directors, makers and companies such as Ivo Van Hove, Sam Bogaerts, Stef De Paepe, Lukas Vandervost, Pieter De Buyscher, Peter Van Kraaij, Michael De Cock, Jaak Van Assche, Junior Ntombeni, Gen2020 Festival, Ignace Cornelissen, Pitcho Womba Konga, de Onderneming, TheaterTeater, ‘t Barre Land,’ t Arsenaal, Droomedaris-Rex, de Kakkewieten, de Jennies, Braakland/ZheBilding, Sincollectief, Word/Waar, Voyeurs.

Since 1998 he  is house scenographer and technical director of WALPURGIS.



Creation | Performance