Maarten Warmerdam works as a lighting designer for exhibitions, architecture and theatre. After gaining a BA in theatre making and technical theatre art in 2006, he completed an additional post graduate coaching program in 2010 at iLO (Instituut Lichtontwerpen) in Amsterdam. His designs are characterised by their ability to define and alter space with the use of lighting. There are strong in concept and choice and he captures design in its essence. His fascination for light lies within the way light alters our perception and influences the way we perceive a space.

Maarten has worked for various theatre companies including the Dutch National Touring Opera, the Lille Opera and Holland Opera. He has also worked with various composers and directors including Louis Andriessen, Guy Cassiers, Jonathan Dove, Heiner Goebbels, Joke Hoolboom, Cilia Hogerzijl, Sjaron Minailo, Oliver Mears, Krystian Lada, Matthias Mooij, Marcel Sijm and Karlheins Stockhausen.

Alongside theatre, Maarten has worked for various museums including the Stedelijk and the Eye Film Museum. For Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke he worked on Midsummersday 1860 in Amerongen Castle. With Florian Ganzevoort he was responsible for the light design of Swarovski Crystal Worlds extensions and with Isabel Nielen he created a light design for extensive redevelopment of the former Hembrug factory in Zaandam.Dove, Heiner



Scenography | Light