RUBY RENTEURS (b. 1996) is a costume designer and art director. She obtained a Master’s in Theatre Costume from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2018. She has worked as a costumier on the short films including The allegory of the painted woman by Nelson Polfliet and Wild Vlees by Nathan Naenen. She has made costumes and decor for music videos including Out of Sight by jaguar jaguar and Ton Waes by GIJS. In the theatre she has previously collaborated on projects from het Nieuwstedelijk, Martha Tentatief and DeStudio. 

As an art director, she has designed decors for television, including recently for Unplugged +, a music programme for PickX+. 

Ruby is greatly inspired by the collage of everyday life, unusual combinations and colourful materialisations. 

In addition to theatre and film, Ruby also works as a visual artist, primarily specialising in illustrative sculptures.