Based on work by Scarlatti, Pärt and Andriessen this performance reflects on the theme of 'suffering' in the arts.

The St John Passion that Alessandro Scarlatti wrote in 1685 is of exceptional beauty and rich in pathos and expression. Complemented with works by, among others, Pärt and Andriessen, the old and the new find each other in compelling rhythms and touching melancholy. PASSIO has many scoops: there is the new B’Rock choir and its regular harpsichordist Andreas Küppers will conduct the orchestra for the first time. Director Luigi De Angelis adds a visual component: a video installation that navigates between a baroque still life and a modern documentary. Why is suffering such a popular subject in the arts? Are we merely consumers of other people's pain or is there actual room for compassion?

1) L. Andriessen …miserere... 

2) A. Scarlatti 3 Responsori per la Settimana Santa 

                2.1. Tristis est anima mea 

                2.2. Omnes amici mei 

                2.3. Plange quasi virgo

3) Scarlatti Passio secundum Joannem

4) A. Pärt Da pacem Domine

Attention: In The Hague and Rouen the concert version will be performed!


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Muziektheater Transparant and B’Rock commissioned by Klarafestival.

With support of Integra Fragrances and Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government.


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Composition: Alessandro Scarlatti, Arvo Pärt, Louis Andriessen • Concept I Director I Scenography: Luigi De Angelis • Fanny & Alexander • Dramaturgy: Tobias KokkelmansConductor: Andreas KüppersVideo Design: Luigi De AngelisVideo | Assistant Director: Andrea ArgentieriCostumes: Chiara LaganiCountertenor: Benno SchachtnerEnsemble: B'Rock Orchestra Choir: B'Rock Choir