Katelijne Damen is known for her theater work at Toneelhuis, Rotheater, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Blauwe Maandag Cie. She participated in television series such as Terug naar Oosterdonck, De smaak van de Keyser, De ridder and Generatie B.

For the role in Strange Interlude she received the Theo d'Or Prize in the Netherlands in 1990.

For the role in Strange Interlude and Losing time she got the Oscar De Gruyter public award in 1990.

In 1996 she received the Mary Dresselhuys award for her 'versatile creativity, for her total commitment to theater and for her oeuvre'.

For the role in Hersenschimmen she was nominated in 2006 for the Columbina prize in the Netherlands.

Photo: Almendra Dusoir