ChampdAction is a platform for contemporary music with a great openness to other artistic disciplines such as contemporary plastic arts, video art, theatre or dance. Hereto, radical artistic choices are postulate. One of the primary characteristics of ChampdAction is that the organization keeps renewing itself. Today, the organization is still a pioneer in the by now drastically changed music scene. ChampdAction has been residing in arts campus deSingel for eight years, where it occupies Studio 3 - the former recording studio of Radio 2.

ChampdAction was founded in 1988 by Antwerp composer Serge Verstockt and formed the first Flemish structural subsidized ensemble that solely focused on contemporary music.

The ensemble played a pivotal role in the performance of the Flemish and international contemporary repertoire. ChampdAction answered the need to be able to perform contemporary music professionally. Ever since its founding, the ensemble had strong ties with international arts campus deSingel. This collaboration grew stronger as the years passed and will surely be further intensified in the future. The new building, with which deSingel's existing complex was recently expanded, creates new possibilities in research, production, performance and collaborations with other artists.

In the past 20 years, ChampdAction performed at various  international and national stages in both large and small formations, with multidisciplinary- and installation projects. Over the past few years, the ensemble has organically evolved towards a flexible production house for contemporary music with a strong focus on the use of electronics and new media on one side, and the collaboration with musicians of different backgrounds and with artists of other disciplines on the other. This approach has shown to be very productive and enriching for composers, executors and artists and assumes  different methods.  It is not only the finality of performance that is important, but also the process leading up to it, the educational functioning, the development of software and electronics and everything related to post-production and archiving. Connecting all these different aspects is what continuously propels the artistic process.


Productions with ChampdAction

Production Function
Canticum Canticorum - (Season 2018-2019)Ensemble
Canticum Canticorum - (Season 2017-2018)Instrumental Ensemble