Canticum Canticorum

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Song of Songs, a protest song

Passionate, contradictory and full of sensuality: the Old Testament Song of Songs is one of the most beautiful and enigmatic love songs ever written. Down the ages, numerous authorities have tried in vain to explain this book and to claim it. It is the poetic articulation of a foreign woman who, driven by love, dared to defy the law and the commandments.

ChampdAction and Collegium Vocale Gent explore the Song of Songs as a protest song against social curtailment, the limitations imposed by those in power, and the walls that have been erected. It is an unavoidable love story in all its rebellious registers: from joy to fury, from euphoria to fear, from certainty to doubt, from loneliness to warmth and security, and from despair to hope.

Canticum Canticorum is a live installation in which the spectator allows himself to be led through the aisles of a majestic church, surrounded by immersive video projections, contemporary sound constructions and sublime early polyphony.

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Produced by ChampdAction, Collegium Vocale Gent en Muziektheater Transparant. Coproduced by deSingel and De Bijloke as part of Opera21 and deSingel. 

Location Dates Hour  
De Bijloke Muziekcentrum (Gent)
+32 9 233 68 78
Sint-Michielskerk Antwerpen (Antwerpen)
O. (Rotterdam)
+ 31 1 436 60 70
Artistic direction | Concept | Mucic | Visuals: Serge VerstocktDramaturgy: Tobias KokkelmansInstrumental Ensemble: ChampdAction Vocals: Collegium Vocale Gent Preparation Collegium Vocale Gent : Marnix De Cat • Actress: Alexandra OppoTuba | Tibetan horn: Berlinde Deman • Japanese percussion: Tsubasa Hori • Double bass | Harp | Gamba | Synthesizer: Ann Eysermans • Organ: Iris Eysermans • E-drums | E-bass | Synthesizer: Ko Kowalsky • Mix video | Keyboards: Maarten Buyl • Cantus: Amelia Berridge • Chiyuki Okamura • Magdalena Podkoscielna • Countertenors: Marnix De Cat • Bart Uvyn • Tenors: Olivier Coiffet • Stephan Gähler • Peter Di Toro • Johannes Gaubitz • Bassus: Felix Rumpf • Nikolaus Fluck • Philipp Kaven