As a graduate from the Amsterdam Theatre School, in 2004 Wende released her debut album of brilliant interpretations of French chansons, supported by the Metropole Orchestra. Wende recieved an impressive list of awards, including 2 Edisons, a Golden Harp, 1 Platinum Album, 2 Gold Albums and Song of The Year.

With her first English language release No.9 in 2009, Wende repositioned her image as a contemporary singer-songwriter. The highlights of her live shows were filmed and released on DVD, such as her 2007 open air concert with the 52-piece Metropole Orchestra and her magnificent theatre tour climax at the Royal Carré Theatre in 2010. The DVD of this show was released in 2011 and was the first release by her Tathata label.

In 2012, Wende recorded a new album Last Resistance in Berlin with the producers Tilman Hopf and Nackt. In 2014 Wende released her live album Last Resistance - the Theatre Sessions Live, it is a registration of her critically and commercially acclaimed theatre show that she played in the 40 big theatres in the Netherlands that year.

In 2015, Wende took  a new direction, that of contemporary music: Wende Sings Winterreise. Dutch composer Boudewijn Tarenskeen wrote a piece, especially for his muse Wende and pianist Gerard Bouwhuis. Just after the tour, the new feature film ZURICH by director Sacha Polak and screenwriter Helena van der Meulen, had it’s world premiere at the Berlinale. Wende plays the lead role in ZURICH and it is her debut as an actress. The film won a CICAE Art Cinema Award.

In 2014 and 2015, Wende found a collaboration with the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra (Het Gelders Orkest): the songs of Last Resitance were especially arranged for band and orchestra. The outcome was a succesfull summer open-air tour: the Summer Symphony Sessions.

In 2016, Wende and Amsterdam Sinfonietta reunited again since their collaboration in 2010. They toured a successfull show throughout the Netherlands. Wende was also inaugurated in the Academy of Arts (KNAW).

Photo: Romy Treebusch for PUPMAG



Productions with Wende

Production Function
MENS - (Season 2017-2018)Vocals, Concept
MENS - (Season 2016-2017)Composition | Concept | Vocals