Marcus Azzini

Marcus Azzini

Marcus Azzini (°1971)

A plea for growth, change and togetherness is the consistent factor in director Azzini’s work. The characters in his productions are alone in the world, fragile to their very core. These ‘sensitivities of the soul’ are what transform their weakness into a strength: they are fighting for the inalienable right to be seen for who and what they are. In a certain way, all Marcus’ productions are rites of passage.

By passing by ‘death’, like the abyss of a ravine, his characters are born again. ‘Imagination’ is a central concept in his work. Marcus is fascinated by the actors’ talent to evoke a nonexistent world, which is somehow created as a reality for the duration of a show.

In his directions, Marcus strives for the depiction of what is personal: the direct physical and emotional interrelation between a human being, the others and the world.

Productions with Marcus Azzini

Production Function
MENS - (Season 2017-2018)Direction, Concept