Lucas Van Haesbroeck

Lucas Van Haesbroeck

Lucas Van Haesbroeck is fascinated by shadow and the light that is necessary to create it.

This fascination came to light when he started work as a stage technician at Het Toneelhuis in 2007. While there, he was for several years given the opportunity to assist a number of theatre-makers who worked for the company under the directorship of Guy Cassiers. He was gradually able to collaborate with several other Antwerp companies and he felt an increasing need to delve more deeply in search of the function and limitations of visual perception.

His freelance activities for Benjamin Verdonck, De Warme Winkel, Post uit Hessdalen, Sara Vanhee, Thomas Bellinck, Compagnie Frieda and others means that his work can be viewed all over Europe. In addition to this, he regularly provides the visual element for the music of such bands as STUFF, Dez Mona, DAAU, Zwerm, B.O.X., Hiele, Hathor Consort et al.

Productions with Lucas Van Haesbroeck

Production Function
Polar Night - (Season 2016-2017)Concept | Creation
Polar Night - (TRANSLAB - 2015-2016)Concept | Creation