Vinny jones is a scenographer who uses light as her primary material to shape the relationship between the audience and a performance and space. Her practise brings together work as a researcher, light designer and maker of immersive installations. Her approach to design is highly collaborative, and she uses light as both an aesthetic and dramaturgical tool of theatre making.

In 2013 Vinny graduated cum laude from the MFA Scenography, Frank Mohr International Masters, where her work explored the use of light as a sensory medium that is experienced by the body as well as seen with the eyes. Vinny's ongoing work creates immersive, sensory installations, which invite the audience to actively discover the story of another through their sensory world. Her work uses scenography to think through how space is organised, and how it organises us, and invites audiences to explore social and political issues through the experience of the body and the senses.

As a light designer Vinny has worked in a wide range of genres from dance to experimental performances, to large, site-specific works, to the stages of the Dutch, British and Czech Republic’s National Theatres. Her work can be distinguished by a desire to illuminate the journey of a piece, as opposed to illustrate it and to give light a formative role in the performance making process. She sees light as the eyes of the audience and that each performance requires its own unique way of seeing.



Scenography | Light & dark