Elsa  van Dijk

Elsa van Dijk

Elsa van Dijk (b. 1990) is an actress, writer and director. Elsa graduated from Luca School of Arts in Leuven in 2021. She makes tragicomic musical theatre which stems from her great fascination for the absurdity of everyday existence, and explores the poetry in the raw tragedy of human ignorance.  
She affords a central role to music in her practice, and seeks out a connection with as broad an audience as possible. Under the umbrella of Max Last and Muziektheater Transparant, her work Silent Nacht will be staged in collaboration with local brass bands in a series of parish centres in Flanders. 

Photo: Jeroen Berends 

Productions with Elsa van Dijk

Production Function
Silent Night - (TRANSLAB - 2022-2023)Cast, Concept | Text
Silent Night - (TRANSLAB - 2021-2022)Cast, Concept | Text