Reinoud Van Mechelen

Reinoud Van Mechelen (1987) began singing in the Clari Cantuli children’s choir. At the age of 18, he enrolled in the academy of music in his home city of Leuven, to take singing lessons with Nicolas Achten and Anne Mertens. A year later, Van Mechelen went to the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels to study for his Bachelor degree. Traineeships and master classes with Greta De Reyghere, Frédérick Haas, Alain Buet and François-Nicolas Geslot, among others, helped him to further perfect his technique.

Reinoud Van Mechelen performs both as a soloist and an ensemble singer. He regularly works with Nicolas Achten’s ensemble Scherzi Musicali, and has also sung in concerts by L’Arpeggiata, La Capilla Flamenca, Ex Tempore and the European Union Baroque Orchestra. In 2011, Van Mechelen took part in the fifth edition of Le Jardin des Voix, Les Arts Florissants’ baroque academy, directed by Paul Agnew, William Christie and Jonathan Cohen, with which he has since performed regularly.

Productions with Reinoud Van Mechelen

Production Function
Arthur - (Season 2013-2014)Soloist
Songs of war - (Season 2013-2014)Tancredi
O mio core - (Season 2012-2013)Tenor