Paul Slangen (1964) graduated in Theatre Studies from the University of Utrecht in 1992. From 1991, he worked as an assistant director and dramaturge for Theatergroep Hollandia. During the 90s, in close collaboration with directors Simons and Paul Koek, he actively contributed to the development of local theatre and musical theatre in the Netherlands. From 2001, Slangen worked as a dramaturge for ZTHollandia. From 2005 to the present he has been a dramaturge at NTGent. In 2000 he founded and ran the Schrijverspodium, an association for new Dutch playwrights. In September 2010, 12 students attended its first training session. His annual collaboration with De Veenfabriek was converted to full-time employment in 2010. In 2011, he worked as a dramaturge on Medea, a co-production by Muziektheater Transparant and Veenfabriek.