Gust Van den Berghe (1985) is a Flemish film director.

Van den Berghe grew up in Sint-Kruis and Beernem. He is the son of youth author Kristien Dieltiens. In 2008 he graduated at the RITS. He continued his studies with a post-graduate in Transmedia at Sint-Lukas.

In 2006, he released his first short films Mijn papa en ik, Doek, Aan de oppervlakte (2007) and documentaries cum*SHOT (2007), les petits Rois (2007) and Tegenpolen (2008).

His first feature film En waar de sterre bleef stille staan (Little Baby Jesus of Flandr) was also his graduation project at the RITS. The three main parts, Suskewiet, Pitje Vogel and Schrobberbeeck, were played by people with Down's syndrome. The script was adapted from the book and play by Felix Timmermans.

His second film Blue Bird is an adaptation of the play L'oiseau bleu (1908), by the Belgian Nobel Laureate Maurice Maeterlinck. This universal story was recorded in Togo with a local crew and Togolese children as actors.

Van den Berghe was selected for the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Cannes Festival on two occasions. In 2010 with Little Baby Jesus of Flandr and in 2011 with Blue Bird.

In 2010 he won the third Jo Röpke Award at the International Film Festival of Flanders - Gent for Little Baby Jesus of Flandr. For the same film, Van den Berghe received the 'City of Athens Best Director Award' the 16th edition of the International Film Festival in Athens. Also in 2010, the film was selected for the Festivals in Munich, Milano, Sarajevo, Jerusalem, Pusan, Valladolid and Taipei.