Stephan  Zimmerli

Stephan Zimmerli

Stephan Zimmerli is an architect, musician, scenographer and visual artist. Constantly crossing disciplinary boundaries, his work focuses on the interplay between these realms, with an emphasis on the themes of temporality, memory and reminiscence, atmosphere, and the craft of the thinking hand. Everyday drawing, with pencil, charcoal or ink, is at the center of this practice. 

After finishing his degree project in Peter Zumthor’s Atelier at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio (CH) in 2003, and graduating from the school of Paris-Belleville, Stephan Zimmerli started working as an architect, mainly on cultural & public programs (libraries, museums, hospitals, artist’s studios and theatres), while teaching courses & workshops in several architecture schools across Europe (UEL London, ENSAPB Paris, EAB Rennes, University della Sapienza Roma, EPFL Lausanne…). 

Since 1999, he’s also collaborated with scenographer, author and stage director Marc Lainé, within their Paris-based studio, La Boutique Obscure. Together they’ve designed about 40 projects in theaters across France & Switzerland. 

In 1995, with fellow musicians Arthur Gillette, Thomas Puechavy & Charles Carmignac, he founded the folk-rock band Moriarty (FR/US), as a double-bass player & guitarist. Over the past ten years the band released 5 full-length albums, sold over 300’000 copies, played over 800 concerts around the world, and composed a number of musical scores for movies, theatre or radio plays. With the other members of the band, Stephan Zimmerli also co-founded the independent record label Air Rytmo, currently working as its graphic designer & art director.

Photo: Chiara Pilar

Productions with Stephan Zimmerli

Production Function
Calamity / Billy - (Season 2018-2019)Scenography
Calamity / Billy - (Season 2017-2018)Scenography