Oxalys was founded in 1993 by a group of ambitious young students from the Brussels Conservatory of Music. Since then the ensemble has developed into one of the most esteemed professional chamber music groups in Flanders. It performs on some of the world's finest platforms and plays at the most prestigious festivals. Each of these former students has now also built up an international career of their own. Yet they still like to travel back to their home base in Brussels from their various European capitals to continue work on their shared project, Oxalys.
The ensemble's primary aim is to tell the European cultural story since the Enlightenment, at the highest possible standard and with the greatest directness. They also wish to give a musical interpretation of the connections and contrasts across borders and eras that are found in this story. But in addition to this philosophical aspect, the beating heart of Oxalys remains the pure pleasure of performing and their absolute love of music: all music.
Without the support of their loyal partners, this story would not be possible: the ensemble receives operational subsidies from the Flemish Community. Oxalys' home base is the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, where it is in residence. The group also likes to make its concerts visually attractive and special and to this end regularly makes use of the creative talent of fashion designers.



Musical performance