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Director : François Paris

The CIRM is one of the seven French National Centers for Musical Creation. Its mission is to promote the contemporary music repertoire, focussing its activities mainly along four lines: production, diffusion, training and research.  The CIRM hosts visiting composers throughout the year in its studios and commissions works composed with its technical equipment. These pieces are created for the MANCA Festival or performed at other national or international events, using the CIRM technology. Among forthcoming productions are works by Yan Maresz (France), Hilda Paredes (Mexico), Fabián Panisello (Spain / Argentina)…  Partnerships have been set up with performers and organizers of musical events in France and all over the world, with the aim of promoting electronic music. The technology of the CIRM and other studios for musical research updates the technological maintenance of existing musical works and thus energizes future programming.  Several training programs have been drawn up by the CIRM to present contemporary music to a wider audience. As a National Center for Musical Creation, it has organized meetings and conferences with composers, researchers, sound engineers and musical assistants who work at the CIRM studios.  From introductory courses to professional training, the CIRM schedules intensive course on musical softwares at all levels. Training programs developed as part of partnerships (with the Education Nationale, Conservatory of Nice, University Nice Sophia-Antipolis, CNMAT (Berkeley), ...), can also be adapted to any audience and structure.  The CIRM has also done research on Artificial Intelligence and Musical Creation with the NEUROMUSE project. The aim was to study, development and application of artificial neural networks for use in data analysis, sound synthesis and musical composition. Since 2013, CIRM has been working with many partners on a project dealing with the "Bureau du compositeur » (composer's office") of the 21st century (software development, ergonomics, design, connectivity, simulations ...). Since 2004, CIRM has expanded its international reach, with numerous partnerships: CNMAT (Center for New Music and Audio Technologies), University of California (Berkeley), Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Shanghai Conservatory ... 2015, CIRM joined the Comue (Community of Universities and Institutions) and became a member of the new University Côte d'Azur (UCA).

1968 : The CIRM was founded by the composer Jean-Étienne Marie, who was responsible for the first course in electroacoustic music in France in 1959.  1978 : First Manca Festival in Nice.  1996 - The CIRM obtains from the Ministry of Culture the label "National Center for Music Creation".  2015 - The CIRM is part of the University of Côte d'Azur (UCA).

(*) CESARE (Reims), CIRM (Nice), GMEM (Marseille), GMEA (Albi), GRAME (Lyon), La muse en circuit (Alfortville) and VOCE (Pigna)

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Harriet - (Season 2019-2020)Electronics | Sound Design