Phil Minton

Phil Minton

Phil Minton is a trumpet player and singer from Torquay, England. In the early 60s he played and sang on stage with the Mike Westbrook Band and in the later 60s he performed with a series of rock and dance bands all over Europe. In 1971 he returned to England where he met up once more with the Westbrook band and where he was involved in many projects until the mid 1980s.

For most of the last 40 years, Phil Minton has worked as a singer improvising in a wide range of groups, orchestras and projects in many different places. A wide range of composers have written music especially for his extended vocal techniques.

He has a quartet with Veryan Weston, Roger Turner and John Butcher, and plays as well in duos, trios and quartets with this and many other musicians.

Since the 1980s his Feral Choir, for which he gives voice-workshops for anyone who would like to sing, has performed in over 20 countries.

Photo: ©Phil Minton 

Productions with Phil Minton

Production Function
Earth Diver - (Season 2018-2019)Vocal artist
Earth Diver - (Season 2017-2018)Vocal artist
Men in Tribulation - (Season 2003-2004)Artaud II