Present productions


    • The Wild Stage

      The Wild Stage

      Welcome to The Wild Stage, a symbiotic collision of human energies, a kaleidoscopic sanctuary of encounters.

    • Untold


      The Chinese version of Cinderella with a new classical twist of music and movement.

    • Notwehr


      The blistering inner journey of two women who unwittingly share a prison cell.

    • Prey


      Three generations of women are calling for a new humility towards nature.

    • Between Two lights

      Between Two lights

      A spiritual journey to the limbus: the distance and time between two lights.

    • The mass man

      The mass man

      Based on the book Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti, Wouter Van Looy and Wim Catrysse zoom in on mass movements and the development of power.

    • Judith's gaze

      Judith's gaze

      Judith's gaze is all about encounters. Bluebeard and Judith begin their fatal relationship in Duke Bluebeard's Castle by Béla Bartók and Béla Balázs.

    • The Barber

      The Barber

      Tom Goossens and Wouter Deltour are adapting one of the most famous operas in history: Il barbiere di Siviglia by Rossini.

    • Songs of Nature China

      Songs of Nature China

      The unique 9-piece song cycle Neun Deutsche Arien of Händel, complemented by new compositions by house composer Wim Henderickx: an ode to nature!


    • Diary of One Who Disappeared

      Diary of One Who Disappeared

      Leoš Janaček wrote a song cycle in 22 scenes about a loving village boy. Annelies Van Parys writes an answer to this gripping story. Ivo Van Hove directs.

    • Spectacles


      Genres and atmospheres, operateske dada blues punk pop, a high-pitched voice, dark beats and theatricality make spring of this grandly intimate spectacle.

    • Madrigals


      Director Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe stages Monteverdi’s Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi with utopian enthusiasm.

    • Mitra


      The portrait of an Iranian psychoanalyst who is wrongfully interned and her battle for freedom with almost mythical proportions.

    • The Garden

      The Garden

      A video installation/concert that navigates between a baroque still-life and a contemporary ritual.

    • Le Nozze

      Le Nozze

      An adaptation of the third part of the Mozart's Da Ponte Trilogy by Director Tom Goossens.

    • Rigoletto


      Adaptation of Verdi's opera and Victor Hugo's The King's Fool. Reconstruction of a tragedy that started as a comedy.

    • Songs of Nature

      Songs of Nature

      The unique 9-piece song cycle Neun Deutsche Arien of Händel, complemented by new compositions by house composer Wim Henderickx: an ode to nature!

    • Sola Soletta

      Sola Soletta

      An investigation into gender-related hierarchies in the opera industry.

    • Seven Tears

      Seven Tears

      An installation with a series of lamentations and musical memories from the past that resemble the theme of suffering in the arts.


    • Dance of the Seven Veils

      Dance of the Seven Veils

      Salome's infamous veil dance on a silver plate.

    • Maison Maeterlinck/Theatre Immobiel

      Maison Maeterlinck/Theatre Immobiel

      The search for a contemporary immobile theatre, based on music and Maeterlinckian texts.

    • The Convert

      The Convert

      New opera by Wim Henderickx based on the bizzling novel The Convert by Stefan Hertmans about the quest of a woman who has to laver between her faith and the faith of her lover.

    • Woman At Point Zero

      Woman At Point Zero

      We meet an imprisoned Egyptian woman on the night before her execution. An opera on women's rights and abuse - but most of all: abouwt a woman of extraordinary strength

    • Serenade


      During Serenade, a greeting to the other is offered by way of association, quotation, dancing and singing. 



    • Here and There

      Here and There

      HERE AND THERE is a series of encounters between artists from different cities but with common roots.

    • SWARM!


      Discover your own intuitive musical creativity and voice in this workshop given by Claron McFadden, Halldór Bjarki Arnarson and Sjaron Minailo.