Current season


    • Enoch Arden

      Enoch Arden

      A timeless and heartbreaking tale, written by Alfred Tennyson in 1864, played by Dirk Roofthooft. 

    • Songs of Nature

      Songs of Nature

      The unique 9-piece song cycle Neun Deutsche Arien of Händel, complemented by new compositions by house composer Wim Henderickx: an ode to nature!

    • Private View

      Private View

      A new version with  IOA (International Opera Academy) of the first groundbreaking & multi-award winning opera by Annelies of Parys, after a thriller by Hitchcock.

    • Missa Homo Sacer

      Missa Homo Sacer

      A theatrical mass: a composition for a male body, a five-part female choir and a man with an electric guitar.

    • Quartett


      “Ich bin ein sterbendes Konversationslexikon, jedes Wort ein Klumpen Blut.”

    • The mass man

      The mass man

      Masses are mobilising, grouping together against injustice or for a better climate.

    • Usher


      House composer Annelies Van Parys and author Gaea Schoeters 'complete' an unfinished opera by Debussy based on a horror story of Edgar Allen Poe.


    • Così


      Two young couples are trying, each in their own language, to prove how sincere their love is.

    • Nightshade: Aubergine

      Nightshade: Aubergine

      Claron McFadden goes in search of the common roots of our various cultures by focusing on one of the most iconic ingredients on the culinary scene: the aubergine. 

    • Diary of One Who Disappeared

      Diary of One Who Disappeared

      Leoš Janaček wrote a song cycle in 22 scenes about a loving village boy. Annelies Van Parys writes an answer to this gripping story. Ivo Van Hove directs.

    • Le Nozze

      Le Nozze

      An adaptation of the third part of the Mozart's Da Ponte Trilogy by Director Tom Goossens, resident at TRANSLAB.



      Mozarts Don Juan, Così and Le Nozze in 1 day


    • Dance of the Seven Veils

      Dance of the Seven Veils

      Salome, with her infamous veil dance, has appealed to the imagination for centuries.

    • Eurovisionary


      Les Âmes Perdues dives into the treasure chest of the 65 years old Eurovision Song Contest.

    • Woman At Point Zero

      Woman At Point Zero

      We meet an imprisoned Egyptian woman on the night before her execution. An opera on women's rights and abuse - but most of all: abouwt a woman of extraordinary strength

    • Spectacles


      A performance-concert as a ritual with a jester as a shaman.

    • Uit Volle Borst

      Uit Volle Borst

      Urban melting pot in engaged music theatre