Season 2021-2022


    • Enoch Arden

      Enoch Arden

      A romantic story about love, distance and self-sacrifice.

    • WOO, A SONG

      WOO, A SONG

      A song divided into several languages, like energy being transmitted.

    • Songs of Nature

      Songs of Nature

      The unique 9-piece song cycle Neun Deutsche Arien of Händel, complemented by new compositions by house composer Wim Henderickx: an ode to nature!

    • PASSIO


      Based on work by Scarlatti, Pärt and Andriessen this performance reflects on the theme of 'suffering' in the arts.

    • Madrigals


      Director Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe stages Monteverdi’s Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi with utopian enthusiasm.

    • The Barber

      The Barber

      Tom Goossens and Wouter Deltour adapt one of the most famous operas in history: Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia.

    • Songs of Nature China

      Songs of Nature China

      The unique 9-piece song cycle Neun Deutsche Arien of Händel, complemented by new compositions by house composer Wim Henderickx: an ode to nature!

    • Sola Soletta

      Sola Soletta

      An investigation into gender-related hierarchies in the opera industry.

    • The Garden

      The Garden

      A video installation/concert that navigates between a baroque still-life and a contemporary ritual.

    • Lost & Found

      Lost & Found

      A location operaproject in trainstations based on input from the travellers.


    • Diary of One Who Disappeared

      Diary of One Who Disappeared

      Leoš Janaček wrote a song cycle in 22 scenes about a loving village boy. Annelies Van Parys writes an answer to this gripping story. Ivo Van Hove directs.

    • Quartett


      “Ich bin ein sterbendes Konversationslexikon, jedes Wort ein Klumpen Blut.”

    • Così


      Two young couples are trying, each in their own language, to prove how sincere their love is.

    • Le Nozze

      Le Nozze

      An adaptation of the third part of the Mozart's Da Ponte Trilogy by Director Tom Goossens.



      Mozarts Don Juan, Così and Le Nozze in 1 day

    • Spectacles


      Genres and atmospheres, operateske dada blues punk pop, a high-pitched voice, dark beats and theatricality make spring of this grandly intimate spectacle.

    • Don Juan

      Don Juan

      Three players, a classical singer and a pianist, decompose the music of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni in front of the audience and quickly alternate it with lyrics by Molières Don Juan.


    • Serenade


      During Serenade, a greeting to the other is offered by way of association, quotation, dancing and singing. 


    • The Convert

      The Convert

      New opera by Wim Henderickx based on the bizzling novel The Convert by Stefan Hertmans about the quest of a woman who has to laver between her faith and the faith of her lover.

    • Holle Haven

      Holle Haven

      An unseen glitzy version of Paul Van Ostaijen's classic, adapted to  a corona context, for spoken word, mezzo-soprano & prepared piano.  

    • Eurovisionary


      Les Âmes Perdues dives into the treasure chest of the 65 years old Eurovision Song Contest.

    • Rigoletto


      Adaptation of Verdi's opera and Victor Hugo's The King's Fool. Reconstruction of a tragedy that started as a comedy.

    • Dance of the Seven Veils

      Dance of the Seven Veils

      Salome's infamous veil dance on a silver plate.


    • Vurige Liefdes

      Vurige Liefdes

      Spoor Oost alight with the winter festival 'Vurige liefdes'.