Season 2014-2015


    • Woth


      With WOTH (Weighing of the Heart), the highly individual musician Liesa Van der Aa is seeking a way through the moral chaos of our polyphonous world

    • Listen to the Silence

      Listen to the Silence

      Listen to the silence is an interactive concert where the audience participates in an adventurous musical exploration. A tribute to John Cage, who in 2012 would celebrate his 100th birthday.

    • Opera Buffa

      Opera Buffa

      Opera Buffa is a contemporary adaptation of Mozart’s Don Giovanni by Laika and Muziektheater Transparant. This highly imaginative production applauds the power of subtle longing. 


    • The Queen without a country

      The Queen without a country

      Following Porcelain and The girl the boy the river, the director Wouter Van Looy is once again collaborating with the writer Paul Verrept.

    • Canti d' Amor II

      Canti d' Amor II

      Monteverdi's Madrigals are the starting point for Muziektheater Transparant’s youth opera 2014.

    • Private View

      Private View

      Annelies Van Parys, one of the resident composers at Muziektheater Transparant, writes Private View, her first  opera, for the Opera XXI festival.

    • There is no why here

      There is no why here

      -there is no why here- is a project by Italian composer Andrea Molino, with David Moss and Anna Linardou as lead singers and direction by Wouter van Looy.

    • The Cutter-off of Water

      The Cutter-off of Water

      Published in 1989, Marguerite Duras' Le coupeur d’eau (The Cutter-off of Water) is a moving short story inspired by a tragic fait divers: the suicide of an entire family after a waterworks employee cut off the water.

    • Van den Vos

      Van den Vos

      Inspired by the epic fable Reynard, FC Bergman, Toneelhuis and Muziektheater Transparant play a timeless piece with text by Josse de Pauw and music by Liesa van der Aa. 

    • Arthur


      Arthur is a semi-opera by Henry Purcell. 100 years after the start of the great War, Muziektheater Transparant, B'Rock and de Veenfabriek place Purcell's music in a contemporary context. 

    • Escorial


      Josse De Pauw is intrigued by Michel de Ghelderode, born in Ixelles in 1898, and his play Escorial. The story is set in 16th century Spain in the retrait of the Spanish kings. 

    • Winterreise


      A play by the Ensemble Intercontemporain and Muziektheater Transparant with Franz Schuberts song cycle about the romantic Wanderer as a starting point.

    • Lilith


      Opera singer Claron McFadden delivers an emotionally charged musical-theatre performance that combines classical music, jazz, sampling, theatre, film and poetry.

    • Kings of war

      Kings of war

      Directed by Ivo van Hove. Kings of War combines Henry V, Henry VI and Richard III into a single, explosive play about leadership.